High Tech, Low Tech

There’s something to be said for doing things by hand. Don’t underestimate the intimacy of the tactile connection to make you feel connected to your work. And it’s worthwhile sometimes to slow yourself down and digest your ideas as you translate them to the page. Paddle your own canoe, folks. Trevor


Onion Rings

I don’t know what it is about rings, but I can’t get enough. It’s the soft sweet onion and the crunchy salty outside. Contrasts, man. Gotta have those contrasts in my mouth. Of course, being at least somewhat health-conscious, I want to try these baked onion rings made with Ritz crackers tonight. There are other recipes out there with buttermilk and other culinary punch-ups, but you’ve gotta start somewhere. Paddle your own canoe, folks. Trevor

Sunday Reading 18/02/2013

It’s Sunday, right? No? Well it’s PRACTICALLY Sunday. Here in sunny, snowy Ontario it’s Family Day, which means my students are off doing something other than school and the tiny people here are playing house. That’s right, folks–a long weekend. And here’s something to fill a) your holiday with some compelling stuff or b) to give your brain a break when you’re stuck at work. Giant LEGO X-Wing Might Be The Coolest LEGO Set Ever Made – Luke Plunkett, Kotaku I had to lead with this because of my recent…

Star Wars Anniversary

It was roughly 2003. I was in ninth grade, and my friend Chris, several years older, approached me for help with his short film. He called it Star Wars: The Gifted, and it was an attempt to bring Star Wars into the real world (as we know it). There’s a slow and ongoing effort to remaster the film, to build out the bones of the larger story that we had initially planned. But more important than the film itself or the story behind it is what it represents. It was…



One of the cool things about living in a house is being able to do all this stuff. It’s pretty empowering. Even when I need to call Dad for advice. Paddle your own canoe, folks. Trevor PS: With the rise of crazy high-res displays (thanks, Apple), I’m going to start posting these images full-size. Thanks to the responsive design I’m using, I hope you get the version of this image that’s best for your device. Enjoy!

The Solution to Windows Phone’s Marketing Woes?

Windows Phone’s greatest detractor isn’t its lack of ecosystem. It’s that nobody knows why it’s worth using. Remember when Microsoft started advertising Windows Phone? The message was “You won’t obsessively love it, but don’t worry, you won’t hardly be using it anyway.” Compare that to the recent Internet Explorer videos, which directly take aim at the misconceptions surrounding the product and showcase its utility. There’s some savvy at work here, some style and personality. It’s inducing smiles in a way that none of the Windows Phone ads do, and it’s colourful and…

Why I Loved That Dog

I miss that dog. But, know what? I love the new family dog. He’s my buddy. And Natalie Joy and I have a new friend to look forward to in March, as we’re looking to adopt a puppy.  Quite the step. When the family dog stops being the parents’ dog and starts being yours, that’s a powerful indicator of growing up. And yet I feel younger than I have in years. Paddle your own canoe, folks. Trevor