Happy Birthday, Whistler


I had a much harder time coming up with what to say about my Whistler’s birthday than I had talking about the profound experience I had with my little fish turning 8. In the summer, we had a bit of time to enjoy the event, to consider and to reflect. Not so with Whistler. Her birthday came hot on the heels of the wedding, so her seventh was more of a throw-money-at-the-problem sort of situation than a moment of contemplation. I think that it was harder with Whistler’s birthday, too, because her development as a…

Wrong Question

I imagine a number of savvy Ottawa-based party animals will quickly identify the party. It was an awesome party. I just didn’t get it that day. How things change. So very different from the early days of Bent, when Kev and Sandy and I were rocking out every couple of nights. But, you know what? I’m happier and healthier than I was then. Plus ça change. Paddle your own canoe, folks. – Trevor One-sheets are Trevor’s frequent series of illustrated prose-y poems. You can find plenty more in the category…

This Guy

Something to consider. I’ll make you chuckle again on Monday– promise! Paddle your own canoe, folks. But don’t deny those you love the opportunity to help steer. – Trevor One-sheets are Trevor’s frequent series of prose-y illustrated poems. You can find many more by perusing the category archive.