This isn’t the first time I’ve featured Saint Walker in a comic, but damn if this isn’t a step up from my usual art. I am loving my Note III a lot right now. That plus a little bit of creative motivation (thanks in no small part to being out of commission with a screwy back) has led to some work that I’m pretty pleased with. As a total aside, there’s been a statement that the next Note will use a different form factor. I’m definitely intrigued… Best case scenario,…

Silent Night

A buddy of mine wrote a script years back that loosely reinterpreted Batman as a vigilante in search of a single night, devoid of the sounds of crime. I always wondered, what then? What does the Batman feel when he finally has his silent night? Interpret the picture how you will. What does Batman do after Gotham goes silent? Paddle your own canoe, folks. -Trevor

He Seriously Has This Much Fur.

In all honesty, this dog is amazing. He literally rolled over on his belly and let me groom him for the better part of three hours. If you’re in the Ottawa area and are thinking of getting a dog, go to Canadian Doodle Puppies. Linda’s dogs are the best. As always, folks, paddle your own canoe. -Trevor