Love Make Share wears its mission on its sleeve.

It’s about making a family, about loving every minute, about sharing the lessons we learn with the world. It’s about finding new ways to love old favourites. It’s about sharing a moment. It’s about making a difference in someone’s life.

Love Make Share

I’m Trevor. I’m an educator and a writer, and Love Make Share is the story of how we built a family.

We’re a family that chose each other. I’m a stepdad to my amazing wife’s two daughters, Whistler and the Fish. Natalie Joy and I are partners in the truest sense, building a home for ourselves, our little ladies, and our fur babies (Leo, a labradoodle, and Toby, a cat). We’re a collection of nerds and enthusiasts and are unashamed of being ridiculously into the things we’re into. Art, science and science fiction, theatre, games, technology, politics, canoeing and the outdoors – you name it, we’re dabbling in it, and having a great time with it.

Join us as we muddle through our projects and make some memories. This is a place for families, for makers, for enthusiasts. This is the story of the things we create and how they in turn create bonds between us. This is our story. And we love sharing it with you.

Paddle your own canoe, folks.


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