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Confessions of a Reformed Participant Observer

The sweet selfishness of living life, not farming #content and inspiration It has been a long time since I’ve written anything for Love Make Share, and that started out as an accident. I had all this content planned, a schedule, and then things slipped. Work got busy, our baby got a little older and needed more intensive attention, and new diagnoses in the family meant a nonstop carousel of appointments, research, and work. (We’re all fine and figuring things out.) I made a couple of videos, I posted a handful of things to Instagram, but the sweeping personal essays stopped.

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Building a Family, One Project at a Time

Love Make Share family portrait

Love Make Share’s mission is to show project-based learning in action and demonstrate the power of shared creative endeavours in forging bonds between us. It’s also the story of a family who finds closeness and fulfillment in being creative. 

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Picard Season 2 Badge 3D Print Files in the store!

The trailer for Picard Season 2 dropped and gave us some new alt-timeline uniforms and commbadges. Note that this is a collection of digital STL files for 3D printing, not physical objects! The Picard Season 2 trailer dropped and gave us new costumes and new badges – and I had to try my hand at making them! This collection includes the two variants of the commbadges we saw worn by Picard (with four rank bars, presumably at the rank of Captain) and Rios (due to the single rank bar, likely

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How I Wrote My Best NaNoWriMo Draft Yet

I have had a number of successes with National Novel Writing Month – NaNoWriMo. I wrote a novel with only a drawing to guide me, learned some lessons, lost, and won. I’m getting practiced now, and have completed three novels in five years. My hands-down best performance came in April 2021, during Camp NaNoWriMo. I set a word count goal of 25 000 words – to double the length of the manuscript I started last November during NaNo 2020. Instead of 25 000 words, I wrote almost 50 000 and

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