Workbench Time Lapse – Kids’ Workbench Build

As promised in the last video, here’s a project the kids and I did a few weekends ago!

After dismantling the kids’ abandoned workspace in the shop, my eldest and I reclaim a bunch of scrap in the basement and get to work building a new desk for their crafts and homework. We had so much fun building it, and they absolutely love the result!

The biggest concern was the material itself. We committed to just building it out of whatever we had on hand, and what we had was MDF. MDF is nasty stuff. It’s not particularly rigid, and it’s brutal on the lungs when you’re cutting it and sanding it. At various points, we had to either wear masks or take breaks because of the dust in the air. We managed to engineer a fair bit of strength out of it, fortuately, by bracing it in a couple of places. It would have been way better if we had more actual wood to use, but for a zero-cost afternoon build plus a little bit of painting time, it’ll do its job.

What projects do you do with your kids? Or, if you don’t have kids, what memories do you have of doing projects with your parents? Post down in the comments! Can’t wait to hear about them!

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