Picard Season 2 Badge 3D Print Files in the store!

The trailer for Picard Season 2 dropped and gave us some new alt-timeline uniforms and commbadges.

Note that this is a collection of digital STL files for 3D printing, not physical objects!

The Picard Season 2 trailer dropped and gave us new costumes and new badges – and I had to try my hand at making them! This collection includes the two variants of the commbadges we saw worn by Picard (with four rank bars, presumably at the rank of Captain) and Rios (due to the single rank bar, likely an Ensign). We don’t know exactly how the alternate-universe ranking system will work but I imagine it’ll be gold bars & black bars the way the other shows have gold pips & black pips. Therefore this collection should give you every possible variant between Crewman and Captain.

The trailer is all we have to go on so I won’t claim 100% screen accurate, but based on screengrabs I’m pretty confident these are a good approximation of the geometry and size.

Package also includes a clasp – use cylindrical magnets up to 6x1mm for an easy magnetic fit.

Note the inset triangle on the back. Why not add your own name & serial number, or the one for your favourite character, in that area? You can easily use TinkerCAD or Microsoft 3D Builder to add text to the STL before printing. Makes for a great personalized gift!

The first test print went great, I’m very happy with it. I didn’t love the symmetry of the badge initially and thought the multi-tone metal was a little much but the more I look at it and the longer I spend with it the more it feels appropriate as an alt-timeline Starfleet badge. I like the larger size, reminds me of Star Trek Online.

Modeled in Fusion 360 despite my meagre skills and being out of practice, sliced in Lychee, with the test print done on my Anycubic Photon Zero.

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