He Seriously Has This Much Fur.

In all honesty, this dog is amazing. He literally rolled over on his belly and let me groom him for the better part of three hours. If you’re in the Ottawa area and are thinking of getting a dog, go to Canadian Doodle Puppies. Linda’s dogs are the best. As always, folks, paddle your own canoe. -Trevor

Just Another Walk With Leo

Leo is AMAZING. He’s smart and fuzzy and a perfect addition to our little family. He’s also a huge goof. And guess what? THERE ARE GOING TO BE MORE OF HIM. He’s a Canadian Doodle Puppies stud-to-be. And I have to say, Linda’s labradoodles are spectacular dogs. I’m a little biased, but I haven’t met a single one of her dogs I haven’t immediately really liked. If you’re thinking about getting a dog, and are anywhere near Ottawa, go check out her site, or like her Facebook page. Even if you’re…