Silent Night

A buddy of mine wrote a script years back that loosely reinterpreted Batman as a vigilante in search of a single night, devoid of the sounds of crime. I always wondered, what then? What does the Batman feel when he finally has his silent night? Interpret the picture how you will. What does Batman do after Gotham goes silent? Paddle your own canoe, folks. -Trevor

#saturdayofficedoodles: rise

#saturdayofficedoodles is Trevor’s crowd-sourced way to pass the time on a slow Saturday at the office. The drawings are currently done on a Google/ASUS Nexus 7 in Autodesk Sketchbook Express, using a thoroughly unimpressive off-the-shelf stylus. Chime in on Twitter with the hashtag above, or send your ideas to @trevor_ccw.     I have risen — MDF (@marcoincoming) December 8, 2012 @trevor_ccw there’s your doodle — MDF (@marcoincoming) December 8, 2012 Perhaps not the most original idea on the planet, but this was fun to draw.