The Solution to Windows Phone’s Marketing Woes?

Windows Phone’s greatest detractor isn’t its lack of ecosystem. It’s that nobody knows why it’s worth using.

Remember when Microsoft started advertising Windows Phone? The message was “You won’t obsessively love it, but don’t worry, you won’t hardly be using it anyway.”

Compare that to the recent Internet Explorer videos, which directly take aim at the misconceptions surrounding the product and showcase its utility.

There’s some savvy at work here, some style and personality. It’s inducing smiles in a way that none of the Windows Phone ads do, and it’s colourful and fluid, the way the Metro UI is.

And let’s face it–Windows Phone induces some smiles. It’s the user experience that keep people on the system.

So here’s the solution. Hire these guys. And get some proper ads out there. Because Windows Phone is great. And great products should be easy to sell.

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