January 31st aiming to be official start of Windows Phone 7.8 update | Windows Phone Central

Well now, this is exciting news.

Microsoft has been less than forthcoming with details about the Windows Phone 7.8 release. 7.8, the surface-level bump for Windows Phone 7 users, was touted as many as being an appeasement feature, little more than a gesture to WP7 adopters whose phones cannot be updated to the new Windows Phone 8 OS.

My position has always been this: Windows Phone 7.x works. It works well. It’s good. And you’re getting what you paid for. Don’t order a pizza and expect it to become duck confit at some point, expect it to be a pizza. I’m thrilled that there’s now a date for the global rollout. Daniel Rubino of WPCentral has placed the beginning of the global rollout at the end of January.

It’s still likely going to be dependent on carrier support. I’m on Telus, and it took forever to get the Tango update. But given that there’s a 7.8 ROM floating around for my HTC Surround, I’m hopeful.

My question to folks is this: are you desperate for the new Start screen? Are you hurting for more features, or are you happy with 7.5?

Hit the link for more details.

Paddle your own canoe, folks.


January 31st aiming to be official start of Windows Phone 7.8 update program by Microsoft | Windows Phone Central.


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