5 Reasons Why You Should Support Cardamom & Cloves’ Indiegogo Campaign

Cardamom & Cloves is an upcoming herbs & spices shop in Ottawa. It’s on track to open, and Jodi, the proprietress, is running an Indiegogo campaign to help launch the store with the appropriate level of pomp and awesome that the foodie community here in Ottawa deserves. Here are 5 reasons why you should support the campaign in its last 14 hours.

5. Ottawa is a frozen, blasted wasteland and we’ll turn to cannibalism without it.

Don’t let the pretty lights fool you. Ottawa is the last bastion against the elements and against the horrible Clawed Elk of the North. A castle to protect against tunneling bears and feral moose and beavers with rotary saws instead of teeth that would otherwise move further south. You’re welcome, Toronto. 

That means, though, that we’re completely cut off in the winter and without a store of decent fresh-grown herbs & exotic spices, we’ll turn to seasoning our meals of snow and mouldering, long-stored grain with human blood instead of spices. Once Cardamom & Cloves opens, we can freely allow ourselves to be cut off from the rest of the world in this northerly fortress without worrying about resorting to cannibalism.

4. The world is a dangerous place, and we don’t want to go there.

For most of us, the idea of going as far as Barrhaven or Orleans is arduous enough to climb into a sleeping bag and hibernate for a month. Jodi has no such fears. Want an exotic spice from Farlandia? She’ll find a way to source it for you. She’ll probably punch a leopard in the mouth to do it, too, because Jodi is fearless. And she knows good ingredients when she sees them.

3. Sometimes, dreams do come true.

Every time you donate to the Cardamom & Cloves indiegogo campaign, an angel gets its wings. Or something? I don’t quite recall. I might have been more to do with chicken wings than angel wings. That makes sense, actually. Donate to an herb & spice shop, and your wings will taste way better, because you can get rad rewards like spice starter kits.

2. Jodi is super awesome.

She’s an awesome food blogger. She teachers cooking and food stuff. She is a human jetpack. She once ate a mountain and spit out diamonds. She drop-kicked the moon into orbit. She is a formidable person. She doesn’t need your help with the store, but this isn’t just a shop — it’s a new chapter opening in the foodie movement, and she’s inviting you to be a part of it, the way Kennedy invited America to the moon.

1. It’s about time we spiced up the capital.

A wise man once said, “Ask not what your spices can do for you, but what you can do for your spices,” or something like that. Look, it’s a community service to donate here, because Ottawa doesn’t have a rad shop like this yet. We should have a place that’s dedicated to making the things we eat more interesting and more fun. Jodi is committed to that vision, man. Throw her a couple of bucks to help make it happen.

Click through to donate!

Click through to donate!


Sunday Reading 07/09/2013

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My stars, a new one-sheet and a new Sunday Reading in the same weekend? Well fan my peaches, or mint my julep, or something. It’s almost like I’m making content for the website.

Where’d the Southern thing come from? No idea. Let’s get into some fun things to read with your coffee.

Geeking Out on the Logo – Marissa Mayer, Marissa’s Tumblr

Putting together a new logo for an iconic brand? Sounds like AT LEAST a couple of days’ work. Image via Marissa’s Tumblr.

Yahoo is a weird thing. I still don’t fully understand the brand or the company myself, but it seems to be popping up with increasing regularity since Marissa Meyer’s appointment as CEO. And here she’s popping up again, getting into the trenches to update the brand’s logo. Personally, I think that they’d have been smarter going with a flat design instead of a beveled one, but hey — that’s just my two cents. Read More

It’s time to renovate our capital – Lawrence Martin, The Globe and Mail

Ottawa Byward market

I’ve always thought Ottawa is a good-looking town, but there’s definitely room for improvement. Image via wikimedia commons.

Hey, what’s this? A local story? From an Ottawa-based blog? This really is the Mirror Universe, isn’t it?

The National Capital Commission is looking for a new head honcho, and with that opening comes a question: what’s Ottawa going to look like under the next administration? What do you think, folks? What should we do to make Ottawa a better-looking city? Read More

 Star Trek Into Darkness Writer Slams Naysaying Fans – Rudie Obias, Giant Freakin Robot

Star Trek Into Darkness

No matter how good everything looked, let’s be real — STID had some issues. Image via GFR.

So, apparently Bob Orci is a nut. To be fair, if I wrote a movie that was getting panned by the franchise’s fans as much as STID has been, I doubt I’d be very happy either. Then again, I never would have written Star Trek Into Darkness, the way it broke the universe twice — once by making starships utterly unnecessary with Cumberbatch’s beaming from one side of the galaxy to the other and again by making death a curable condition. Still, the man has apparently been getting the business for quite some time, and he’s lashed out in a big way at the film’s detractors. Best case scenario, this is the beginning of a sea change in Star Trek. I love the franchise and want to see a different writing team take a crack at it. Two people just isn’t enough to write Star Trek, if that makes any sense. It’s a universal future, which means it needs a diversity of viewpoints coming in. Read More

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This is one that’s been kicking around for a long while, but I’m glad I stumbled across it again. These Antarctic bases are abandoned, left to the ice and elements, and they’re all incredibly cool. I love settlements and things that people have just walked away from — no destruction, no tragedy, just moving on. There are stories there that you can find just by looking, and in spite of the bittersweet loneliness of the places, the stories are always wondrous. Read More

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