Not long ago, I watched Tested’s in-depth video talking about pizza stones and their virtues when it comes to making pizzas at home. Being a fan of cooking in general, knowing that Whistler and the Fish (my girls) have a ton of fun making pizza from scratch with me, I wanted to see what kind of results we’d get with a pizza stone. I was mightily surprised when it turned out that WE HAVE ONE. The Fish, the eldest, gave it a good cleaning, and both helped me make the…

#mo365 Day 15: My Everyday

I think about my mom a lot when I’m going to or from work. She worked really hard at jobs she generally liked to provide a really positive childhood for my sister and I. She’s still one of the hardest-working people I know, and it seems like she’s really starting to see the fruit borne of her constant hard work. Still, I can’t help remembering, whenever I think about my mom (which is frequently these days) that she always wanted two things, professionally speaking. She wanted to teach, and she…

Moments on the Bus

  One of the things I love being reminded of is that families all look different. God knows mine does. Ottawans, I know that there’s plenty to gripe about when it comes to OC Transpo. But there’s a lot of beauty that happens on the bus. Try not to miss it while you’re tweeting your commute away. Paddle your own canoe, folks. Trevor


You’d think that you’d be closest with your parents when you’re little, when they’re more or less literally your entire world. I don’t know, in hindsight. I was always more comfortable, from a very early age, hidden in a book than really engaging. And now, even though I still love my make-believe, even though I still spend as much time as I can in my head creating things that may or may not see the light of day, I’m a little more grounded, and I want much more to be…

This Guy

Something to consider. I’ll make you chuckle again on Monday– promise! Paddle your own canoe, folks. But don’t deny those you love the opportunity to help steer. – Trevor One-sheets are Trevor’s frequent series of prose-y illustrated poems. You can find many more by perusing the category archive.