Qlone 3D Scanning App First Impressions

Watch the video or read all about it – either way there’s lots here to check out! One of the things about making stuff is that I’m never sure what might be the best way to share our projects. But with the technology in our pockets getting better all the time, maybe the best way to let you experience one of our projects it to actually scan it and put it on the internet for you to see and download. Maybe even check it out in virtual reality.  Folks, we…

Moleskine vs. Leuchtturm – Notebook Showdown

Moleskine vs. Leuchtturm 1917

Whistler and I took my long-standing favourite notebook and tested it against a new competitor: Check out the Notebook Showdown, Moleskine vs. Leuchtturm! I’ve been drawing in Moleskines for ages (see here when I used it to design paddles for the girls, here where I updated my bonhommes a while back, or here where I was drawing spaceships, for example) and it was time to see if it was still the best option for me or if there was a new best choice in town. Watch the video for a…

LEGO Ideas Tron Legacy Review

Lego Ideas Tron Legacy

The LEGO Ideas Tron Legacy set is finally here! We got it in as quickly as possible and put it together. Watch the video for full thoughts and lots of shots of the kit and minifigs, but here are some highlights: We didn’t find it to be a particularly challenging build – at 230 pieces there weren’t many surprises. But it has enough going on that it was a fun and satisfying build. The duplication of parts in this kit makes it a build that’s well-suited to multiple family members…

Self-tanners tips and reviews – Vichy, Pacifica, and Tarte by Natalie Joy

Thanks for watching! Cheers! NJ Products mentioned: Tarte Brazilliance @ Sephora  http://bit.ly/14uMVkP Pacifica Bronzing Butter @ Pacifica  http://bit.ly/13UG2qU Vichy @ Vichy http://bit.ly/16tGaPY You can find me on: Twitter https://twitter.com/njoy79 Instagram http://instagram.com/njoy79# Blog http://joy365.wordpress.com/ Repost from June 11, 2013

Gamer Fail – Psychonauts

  What happens when Trevor subjects Natalie Joy to games she’s never played before?  Gamer Fail of course! Have any suggestions of games Natalie Joy should play terribly?  Throw them into the comments section below. Thanks for watching! Cheers! NJ P.S.  Apologies for some weird audio sync issues.  It gets better as the video plugs along, and I’ll fix it for the next installment of Gamer Fail. Think you can play Psychonauts better than me?  (It’s not hard!)  Find it here! http://amzn.to/116Sba6 Trevor’s site!  http://spillway.ca/ You can find me on: Twitter…

Love, Sex, and Arcade Games… My Summer Reads

  Summer is almost here.  Hooray! Below is a list of a few books I love.  Check them out if you have a chance, and let me know in the comments what summer reading recommendations you might have. Thanks for watching! Cheers! NJ Marjorie Morningstar by Herman Wouk  http://amzn.to/18XCx8P Sweet Surrender (Sweet Series Book 1) by Maya Banks  http://amzn.to/11FBHEx Ready Player One by Ernest Cline  http://amzn.to/183VPtD You can find me on: Twitter https://twitter.com/njoy79 Instagram http://instagram.com/njoy79# Blog http://joy365.wordpress.com/