Workbench Time Lapse – Painting the Lizardman

After casting, sculpting, more casting, laying in latex, and pulling the prosthetic from its mold, it’s finally time to paint the big creature makeup! I use what I learned painting the Bajoran nose appliance and turned an indistinct green blob into an alien creature. This has been a real ride. If you have questions about the process, throw them in the comments below, Shot with a Canon EOS Rebel T5i. Time lapse done with in-box EOS Utility software. Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Music is “Early Riser” by Kevin…

Pouring a Mold – Time Lapse Test

Tonight, as I was talking care of a couple of work things, I poured a mold for one of my film students’ makeup designs. Not only that, but I thought it would be fun to do a brief time-lapse using my shiny new Canon EOS Rebel T5i. I hadn’t quite figured out the focus when I did this, but it’s still an interesting start to what I think will be a fun way to document my builds. Paddle your own canoe, folks. Trevor

Make: Kids’ Tron Costumes, Part 4

Read Part 1 – Read Part 2 – Read Part 3 Well, after a pretty big push in the last post, I figured that it was time to do another. After all, at this point I’ve got five days left to get these assembled and finished. No pressure. The list of things that needs to be done is getting pretty short at this point. The kids’ Quorra costumes are moving along at a good clip, and as of recently, Natalie Joy has made headway on hair and makeup: But my…

Self-tanners tips and reviews – Vichy, Pacifica, and Tarte by Natalie Joy

Thanks for watching! Cheers! NJ Products mentioned: Tarte Brazilliance @ Sephora Pacifica Bronzing Butter @ Pacifica Vichy @ Vichy You can find me on: Twitter Instagram Blog Repost from June 11, 2013