Pouring a Mold – Time Lapse Test

Tonight, as I was talking care of a couple of work things, I poured a mold for one of my film students’ makeup designs. Not only that, but I thought it would be fun to do a brief time-lapse using my shiny new Canon EOS Rebel T5i. I hadn’t quite figured out the focus when I did this, but it’s still an interesting start to what I think will be a fun way to document my builds. Paddle your own canoe, folks. Trevor

Stunning Timelapse from the ISS

Dragon capsule and Canadarm

The European Space Agency released a spectacular timelapse montage a couple of days ago of ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst’s photos from the International Space Station. It’s absolutely stunning, featuring auroras, city lights, awesome weather, and images of the atmosphere as seen from outside. My favourite? Canadarm 2 and Dextre manipulating a Dragon resupply capsule. According to the ESA, the process went something like this: Often while conducting scientific experiments or docking spacecraft Alexander would set cameras to automatically take pictures at regular intervals. Combining these images gives the timelapse effect…

#mo365 Day 14: Thanks Justin!

I don’t always know what kind of teacher I am. Today was a day that told me. This term, I have the immense privilege of teaching with the love of my life once a day. It’s an incredible experience, and one that I’m constantly and immeasurably grateful for. I also get the benefit of being able to call in talented and successful people I know to enrich classes and bring the subject to life. This term, my students got to meet an old school friend of mine, the talented filmmaker…