Directions to the Cottage

cottage dock adirondack chairs

Hey! We’re psyched that you’re coming out to the cottage. It’s up the Valley a ways in small-town Ontario– it’s not hard to get to town, you just follow the highway, but you’ll need directions to get from town to the cottage. Don’t worry, there are only really four turns. Simple. Once you get into town, drive through towards the back way ‘round. Start looking for the turn after you pass the gas station that usually isn’t a gas station. It’s not easy to see, so get ready for it…

New Vlog! Cottage Life!

Hi all! Hope you’re having an amazing summer.  The family went up to the cottage for the first time this season, so I thought I’d share a quick tour of the place. Enjoy! Natalie Joy You can find me on: Twitter Instagram Blog Natalie Joy’s vlog is used with permission.