Natalie Joy’s vlog: You asked. I answered!

Published on Aug  8, 2013  New vlog!  Hooray! If you have any topics you’d like to discuss in future vlogs, leave them in the comments section! Enjoy! Natalie Joy PS: For more on Jared, click through here. 🙂 – Ed.

Vigil for a Fish

There are a lot of nerdy things I’ll cop to. Being totally fascinated with Canadian airplanes and pilots in WWII is one. Being competitive about StarCraft and feeling like I should be training for it like it’s a half-marathon and not a meaningless video game is another. But one of the things I’m not as ready to admit to–and I have to, to tell this tale–is that I kind of love fish. Not all fish, mind you. Specifically, bettas. Specifically specifically cool-coloured male bettas, the fighting fish you hear about. They’ve…