LEGO Ideas Tron Legacy Review

The LEGO Ideas Tron Legacy set is finally here! We got it in as quickly as possible and put it together.

Watch the video for full thoughts and lots of shots of the kit and minifigs, but here are some highlights:

  • We didn’t find it to be a particularly challenging build – at 230 pieces there weren’t many surprises. But it has enough going on that it was a fun and satisfying build.
  • The duplication of parts in this kit makes it a build that’s well-suited to multiple family members all taking part together.
  • The colours are absolutely¬†gorgeous.¬†Both the blue and the orange are bright and beautiful.
  • The printing on the minifigs is excellent. All of them have a ton of tiny details and multiple levels of colour that make the characters pop. Quorra’s ISO tattoo is maybe the highlight of the printing – it’s a subtle bit of the lore of the movie that’s well-executed. Rinzler’s print is a bit busy, given how nondescript his murdered-out all-black costume is in the movie, but it’s cool to see how carefully they picked out all the pieces of his suit.
  • The lightcycles are clearly meant to be display items, not playthings. If you pull out the bars along the bottom of the bikes, the wheels will roll and they can be played with a little more easily. Kid-tested, kid-approved.
  • It’s a real shame that Quorra isn’t given a place to stand on the display base. She’s a cool minifig and deserves a place next to Sam and Rinzler, given that she’s one of the leads in the movie. Also she’s the kids’ favourite, to the point that they both dressed up as her one Halloween.
  • I forgot to mention it specifically in the video but it’s cool to have the heads with different expressions printed on the front and back. It gives a little extra versatility to how the figures are played with and staged for display.

Ultimately we’re really happy with the LEGO Ideas Tron Legacy set. It’s a great addition to our little Tron collection and is a really clean, slick display piece.

PS: If you’re a nerd for the design of Tron stuff like I am, you might also enjoy the designer video that LEGO put out:


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