Not long ago, I watched Tested’s in-depth video talking about pizza stones and their virtues when it comes to making pizzas at home. Being a fan of cooking in general, knowing that Whistler and the Fish (my girls) have a ton of fun making pizza from scratch with me, I wanted to see what kind of results we’d get with a pizza stone. I was mightily surprised when it turned out that WE HAVE ONE. The Fish, the eldest, gave it a good cleaning, and both helped me make the…


Onion Rings

I don’t know what it is about rings, but I can’t get enough. It’s the soft sweet onion and the crunchy salty outside. Contrasts, man. Gotta have those contrasts in my mouth. Of course, being at least somewhat health-conscious, I want to try these baked onion rings made with Ritz crackers tonight. There are other recipes out there with buttermilk and other culinary punch-ups, but you’ve gotta start somewhere. Paddle your own canoe, folks. Trevor

Universal Cookie Constant

There’s always a lot of baking that happens during the holiday season. Even I get into it a little bit, although my baking usually consists of churning out several hundred sausage rolls, made in massive volume in direct competition with my dad. It’s one of my favourite bits of the holiday. We start off working together Dad prepping pastry while I cook sausages, then slowly we both go into head-to-head production of a squillion and eight rolls. It gets messy. Less often do I see those kinds of astronomical volumes…