Sunday Reading 07/09/2013

My stars, a new one-sheet and a new Sunday Reading in the same weekend? Well fan my peaches, or mint my julep, or something. It’s almost like I’m making content for the website. Where’d the Southern thing come from? No idea. Let’s get into some fun things to read with your coffee. Geeking Out on the Logo – Marissa Mayer, Marissa’s Tumblr Yahoo is a weird thing. I still don’t fully understand the brand or the company myself, but it seems to be popping up with increasing regularity since Marissa…

#saturdayofficedoodles: crossover

Time to share today’s #saturdayofficedoodles! Via @Peady, on Twitter, who requested “something happy:” And for Alex, on Facebook, who wanted to see Spock and Obi-Wan meeting: That Vulcan Science Directorate spoils everyone’s parade. Paddle your own canoe, folks. Trevor #saturdayofficedoodles is Trevor’s crowd-sourced way to pass some time during a slow Saturday at work. Tweet him @trevor_ccw.

The Tiny Enterprise Project

It all started for me when I was just a tiny person. Games in the sandbox, snowbank, or hedges with Star Trek: The Next Generation action figures. There was no limit to what games I could play, because the rules of Star Trek were such that I could do anything I imagined. Add I get more involved in the lives of Natalie Joy‘s girls, I find myself reflecting on a lot of the play I did as a kid. And for the first time in my life I’m getting pretty…

#saturdayofficedoodles: rise

#saturdayofficedoodles is Trevor’s crowd-sourced way to pass the time on a slow Saturday at the office. The drawings are currently done on a Google/ASUS Nexus 7 in Autodesk Sketchbook Express, using a thoroughly unimpressive off-the-shelf stylus. Chime in on Twitter with the hashtag above, or send your ideas to @trevor_ccw.     I have risen — MDF (@marcoincoming) December 8, 2012 @trevor_ccw there’s your doodle — MDF (@marcoincoming) December 8, 2012 Perhaps not the most original idea on the planet, but this was fun to draw.      

One-Sheet: Andorians

Today’s one-sheet shout-out goes to Paul, who is not only awesome to chat with on Twitter, but is probably one of the most fun people in the world to watch James Bond movies with. Ever wanted a two-handed running commentary of horribly campy movies? This is the guy to do it with. I think the only time we were silent at any point during any Bond flick was during the Bond/Trevelyan fight at the end of Goldeneye, which we both had to admit, perhaps reluctantly, that it was not only…