Sunday Reading: Computers for All, Sustainable 3D Printing, and Wedding Photos

Sunday Reading

It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these, hasn’t it? Well, there’s been some cool stuff this week that I wanted to share with you.

BBC Will Give Every Year 7 Student in the UK a Micro Bit Computer – Lizzie Plaugic, The Verge

BBC Micro Bit computer
The Micro Bit. Image via BBC. Click to read the article.

I’ve frequently lamented that my students know so little about the technology that they use. I grew up on DOS and early Windows and Mac PCs, so I had to at least learn file structure and basic command line stuff. I made web pages in the early days of HTML, so had to learn that. And I try to make my tech students appreciate it, but without a need to learn it, most don’t. This will change things — using a Raspberry Pi-like microcomputer, the BBC and its partners want to make students more tech-savvy by making coding, hacking, and tinkering part of the curriculum in the UK. Read More

 This New Device Recycles Plastic Bottles Into 3D Printing Material – BEC Crew, Science Alert

ProtoCycler 3d printer filament
ProtoCycler. Image via Science Alert. Click to read more.

It’s no secret that, while amazing, 3D printing is expensive and wasteful. Over at the University of British Columbia, a device called the ProtoCycler might change that. It’s positioned to reduce the cost of plastic filament by something like 90%, and would create a 1 kg spool of filament from waste plastic. This is a key piece of tech for schools and maker spaces, not to mention businesses that would save tons of money from recycling failed prototypes back into usable filament. Read More

Choosing a Wedding Photographer – Natalie Joy, Faces of Joy

wedding photography Natalie Joy
Image via Faces of Joy.

I’m a little biased on this one, admittedly, but Natalie Joy’s reflections on how we chose our wonderful wedding photographer Christian Lee and some lessons learned in the process are, much like NJ herself, charming and insightful. Read More


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