Sunday Reading: Popcorn machine, Rocket Landing, Space Garden

featured-sunday-readingHappy Sunday morning, folks! It’s about time to relaunch and revisit this feature and share some of the cool science-y, parent-y, and maker-y things I’ve stumbled on across the web this past week.

Grab a cup of coffee and join me for some videos and articles that are sure to put a smile on your face.

Adam Savage and Simone Giertz Make a Popcorn Machine – Tested

Not reading YouTube comments is a great idea, but one on this video sums it up perfectly: “Simone is such a mess, I love her so much.” Tested has done wonderful things since Adam Savage took ownership, but thus far the hosts haven’t managed to match Adam’s sheer delight at making stuff. Simone does that and then cranks it up to 11. This is an absurd project, but it’s done with so much joy that I’m totally on board. Glad you’re at Tested, Simone! Read More

SpaceX Lands Rocket at Sea, Makes History – The Verge

Congratulations to SpaceX and its Bond-villain-in-training CEO, Elon Musk! This isn’t the first time SpaceX has landed one of its rockets, but it is the first time it’s nailed the ocean landing. To recap: a 70m-tall robot rocket launched a robot spaceship with 3 tonnes of cargo to orbit, then landed on a robot boat. Science fiction is here now, folks, and it’s stranger than we ever thought.

Watch SpaceX Launch an Expandable Space House to the ISS, and Then Land the Rocket on a Drone Barge – Gizmodo

spacex dragon launch
Photo credit: SpaceX (via Gizmodo)

More info on the SpaceX launch, including the stuff that’s in the 3 tonnes of cargo — like an inflatable crew module for the International Space Station and a garden. Read More


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