Green Lantern

Saint Walker is pretty rad.

The “childhood hero” thing has kind of a double meaning. Yeah, I thought the Green Lantern was pretty cool, but I also idolized my dad. And in a lot of ways — in fact, in a lot more ways now than before — I still do.

I was at the folks’ house the other day for Dad’s birthday and helped him move some stuff around in the basement. (That was ancillary to the birthday stuff, not how we celebrate. We’re strange but not crazy.) In doing so, I came across the old audio cassettes — Green Lantern, Batman, and more. I need to get them off the tape and onto something digital. I wouldn’t release them, but I’d for sure rock them as my own personal podcast series to remind me how awesome my dad was at empowering my imagination when I was tiny.

Also, Saint Walker is pretty boss.

Paddle your own canoe, folks.


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