What is wrong with Star Trek Into Darkness?

I am an unapologetic nerd. I’m a furious devourer of minutiae and I have logged more hours on Memory Alpha than any person in a proper adult relationship has any right to claim. I have spent plenty of time on the internet talking about Star Trek, and yet here’s the thing: I don’t think I GET my fellow nerds anymore.

What on EARTH are people up in arms about?

Star Trek Into Darkness - Benedict Cumberbatch

I watched Star Trek Into Darkness this past weekend, and I know there’s a lot of hostility about it. There are good reviews, but my social media and plenty of blog sites have panned it pretty hard. Into Dumbness is the phrase that keeps jumping out at me. And given the long legacy of Trek movies having UTTERLY BANANAS PLOTS (whales, why does God need a spaceship, Victorian England in a space ribbon, tiny dying rage Picard, future Romulans imploding planets) and FURIOUS CONTRADICTIONS, I don’t know that I understand the objections to this flick.

Folks, help me out on this one, so I can do a more accurate assessment. I didn’t find anything about STID to be at all egregious, especially when held in relation to the rest of the Star Trek canon. What did you think of the movie? How does it stack up?

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One Thought to “What is wrong with Star Trek Into Darkness?”

  1. Megan McGarr

    I thought it was awesome. I was brought up on Star Trek thanks to my father. The acting was incredible. Especially Zachary Quinto!!!

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