Sunday Reading: 18/05/2013

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Folks, there’s only one thing you should be reading today, and that’s all the tweets coming out of Claire and Jared’s wedding hashtag. Go and wish them well and see the fun! And if you’re not done reading, go check out Claire’s fantastic writing about wine over at foodiePrints.

Claire and Jared are wonderful, kind people who have more than a little bit adopted Natalie Joy and I. They’re nerdy and love good food and company and laughter and are so incredibly in love. They’re some of my favourite people and I really want to write about them more on the site at a later date — you know, when I’m not off celebrating with them.

I’m in Montreal for their wedding, so there’s not a more involved Sunday Reading, but enjoy the shenanigans on Twitter! You’ll probably see me tweeting in there at some point.

Paddle your own canoe, folks!



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2 Thoughts to “Sunday Reading: 18/05/2013”

  1. I saw the word Shenanigans! @peady’s fault I read it.

    1. Shenanigans were indeed had. Thanks for reading!

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