Yellow Computer


It’s funny. I started reading way early — like, before the age of four — and I had parents who always read to me and read and Mom wrote all the time and my teachers were incredibly supportive of my writing, but for whatever reason, that dumb yellow computer still sticks in my mind as something that really stands out in my development as a writer.

It was freedom. The freedom to write, the implicit suggestion to edit that comes with word processing, the ability to share stories with friends on floppy disks and give feedback.. I lost track of how many floppies circulated in high school with various stories and comments threads. It was like an online writer’s circle before doing that kind of thing on the internet was really a thing.

Thanks, Jerry.

Miss you.

Paddle your own canoe, guys and girls.


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One Thought to “Yellow Computer”

  1. It’s strange, I feel the same way about desk tops. My laptop is speedy and, well, portable, but for some reason the /feel/ of a desktop inspires me more. If only I had money for two computers *laments*

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