Workbench Time Lapse – Tricorder Craft

Inspired by Norman Chan’s recent video featuring the tricorder replica, I make my own take on the tricorder.   To make this nerdy craft that you and your kids will love, you will need a soap box, some scrap cardboard, and lots of tape. Or, in my case, high-tech scientific instruments that a 21st-century maker has no business having. Unfortunately my technological prowess gained the attention of a particularly grumpy little visitor from the future… Stay tuned to the site for a thorough writeup soon!

Turning Physical Memories Into Digital Ones with Photogrammetry

First Spaceship

As much as I want to be able to keep every single thing the girls and I make forever, I have to accept at some point that we’re going to drown in stuff, hoarder-style, if we do actually keep everything. There are a lot of memories contained in stuff. Take, for example, this spaceship, hammered together out of old juice bottles, plastic bits, and cardboard. This thing has been shuffled around, banged up, broken and repaired a number of times over its years-long life and I’m starting to think that…