We Unbox an Adafruit PiGRRL Zero Parts Kit!

We’re getting into electronics!

When the Raspberry Pi Zero W came out, the kids and I tried to set up a Raspberry Pi to play games. As a console attached to the TV it never quite worked the way we wanted. The kids like the idea of the Game Boy Advance I’ve got kicking around the house, but there aren’t a lot of games for it that strike their fancy. So instead, we’re going to build our own handheld!

We ordered the PiGRRL Zero parts kit from Adafruit, plus a couple of other cool bits. They showed up in no time! Last night we had the pleasure of unboxing it and seeing what came with it:

Come join us on YouTube!

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2 Thoughts to “We Unbox an Adafruit PiGRRL Zero Parts Kit!”

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