Workbench Timelapse – Post-Apocalyptic Camaro

Inspired by SyFy’s series Defiance, I paint up a 1:25 model Camaro for an exercise in my Film Studies class. I’ll follow up with more videos putting together the car and the road, but for now check out this paint job and the ThreeDoodler at work!

Music is by Kevin MacLeod of

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4 Thoughts to “Workbench Timelapse – Post-Apocalyptic Camaro”

  1. Joel

    First off, I love the rustic look of the Camaro, i can see what you mean by the “Defiance” look. When I first saw the picture on FB it kinda reminded me of the Ford Falcon XB in Mad Max. Which was all beaten up and modded for the post-apocalyptic environment. Seriously awesome pain job! Also love the idea of using that mesh you made for the windows, since we all know windows really exist on cars in that kind of world. Although it may seem like progress it slow. It’s awesome as of right now. I have no feedback, but I did notice you used some kind of glue? To hold the mesh in place. Have you ever looked into the BONDIC plastic welding kit? It allows you to bond 2 pieces of plastic in 3 seconds using a blacklight. You can buy it at any home-depot. Worth a try if glue isn’t working well for you when bonding plastics. Plus you don’t need to let it dry.

    1. trevor

      Cheers! I was pretty happy with the paint job. It looks good on camera, and I think it’ll look really solid with some post-processing thrown in.

      Thanks for the recommendation on the glue — I’ll look into it for future builds. Usually I’d use a contact cement for plastic but I wasn’t sure it’d work on the PLA, so I went for a superglue. Normally, a decent superglue would have worked just fine there but I was out of anything on-brand and was trying to make it work with a Dollarama glue. Fine for some things, but holding finished plastic together is out of its pay grade.

      I’ll definitely try that Bondic. From the description, it definitely seems like something I’d want to have in the shop.

  2. Joel

    FYI love the top camera angel when working on stuff. That was a good idea.

    1. trevor

      Thanks Joel! The overhead camera was something I wanted to do immediately after I did the first video — I have a tendency to kind of wrap around what I’m working on and hide it from the side camera.

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