#mo365 Day 17: Calabogie

Got to chaperone the school's ski trip today.

I didn’t do quite as many runs as I thought I would. The time I spent with my students on the hill was great, but the time spent in the lodge later in the afternoon, talking to another teacher and a revolving door of students about any number of subjects.

We had established with Calabogie earlier that day that we’d get all the students together to go tubing in the afternoon before leaving. The tubing hill was small and had a shallow slope and was kind of sticky, as it was warm that day. But we had forty minutes to kill, and the students and I were determined to make the best of it. And we did.

Somehow, we got those tubes up to speed and got photos and videos of the entire class flying down the sad little hill. We took a disaster and made it a lasting memory.

Make the most of those times, folks. And, as always, paddle your own canoe.

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