One-Sheet: Super

Today’s one-sheet shout-out is to Martin Couto, who is a joy to banter with on Twitter. He’s an all-around awesome dude, an avid gamer, and a conaisseur of tasty beverages. He’s leveraging these beverages in an upcoming beers and bistros blog that will be called Opulence & Libation. I won’t link to the partially-completed site, but in the meantime you can follow the brains behind it on the Twitters. Marty also tweets as the Beer Baron, and his O&L partner in crime is at beernbite. Go chat with Martin! You’ll come away with a smile.

Paddle your own canoe, guys and gals.


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2 Thoughts to “One-Sheet: Super”

  1. I prefer Iron Man or Batman personally, they have their flaws, but they work towards the greater good anyways. I find Superman pretty much dull as a brick.

    1. One of my favourite things about Superman is that his only failing is that HE IS TOO AWESOME. “Am I too awesome for Earth?” “The Guardians of Oa are mad at me because I’m SO AWESOME I’m making all of Earth less awesome.” “I am so conflicted over not being king of all the world because I AM SO AWESOME.” Damn it, Supes. Give it a rest.

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