One-Sheet: Tauntaun

My sister texted me late last night:

What’s the internal temperature of a tauntaun?

Now, Nerd Sister, being a nerd, frequently texts me things like this. Recently, it was questions about the Sword of Shannara series and why Kryptonite hurts Superman, being that he’s from Krypton. So I treated it like any of her other questions: with a degree of critical integrity. It would have to keep Luke warm in the frigid wastes of Hoth until Han got the shelter up, right?

Hmm. Warm enough that it would maintain human core temp. So at least 37 degrees centigrade.

I didn’t get a response that night. I figured that she’d gone to puzzle over that one. But early this morning:

Nope. It’s LUKE WARM!

…at which point I proceeded to guffaw in public like a buffoon, and people waiting for the bus looked at me like I was a crazy person. And because they are apparently correct, I came home and immediately illustrated the joke.

Paddle your own canoe, guys and gals.


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One Thought to “One-Sheet: Tauntaun”

  1. Thing 1 very nearly lost it when I shared this. Mucho guffawing! 😀

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