Painting the Bajoran Nose Prosthetic

bajoran nose prosthetic makeup design

This time, with some commentary! I spend some time painting the Bajoran nose prosthesis I was making in the last episode. It’s based on the makeup worn by Michelle Forbes in Star Trek: The Next Generation. We’re almost at the point where it can actually be applied. Music in this episode is Phase One by Jeremy Williams, via Podcast Fantastic.

Workbench Time Lapse – Laying Latex

bajoran nose prosthetic

On tonight’s workbench timelapse, I fix a mold that one of my students made (it’s a Stephen Moffat-style creature), lay latex in the Bajoran nose appliance, do the same with my reptilian creature makeup, and re-sculpt and cast a zombie nose appliance that another one of my students lost to a horrible mold disaster. Man, I’m busy. Shot with a Canon EOS Rebel T5i. In-box EOS Utility software. 5 second intervals. Some messing with the timing of frames so you could see what I was doing. Music is Early Riser…