Building the UES Trillium model starship

I love Star Trek. I really, really do. I love it in the way I love pizza or computers. In and of itself, it’s fantastic, but it’s also a platform for creativity, iteration, innovation, and personal vision. I have had a particular model starship build in development for a while, for a capital ship and several support craft that would push the design and story of Star Trek beyond its current canonical endpoint at the end of Voyager. Thing is, it will be a massive undertaking, both from the design…

Workbench Time Lapse – Continuing the Camaro

chevrolet camaro model

After oh so long, the Camaro model approaches completion. (It’s actually already long since completed, but I’ve had this video sitting on my hard drive for ages.) I’ll do some commentary and share sequences from the final film soon. I also do some work with the ThreeDoodler and some clay! You might notice that the Camaro in the lightbox shots at the end is a little worse for wear. It took some damage in filming. In a future video I’ll fix it up and make it a real showpiece.