NaNoWriMo 2019 Progress

The Fairy Forest: Volumes 1 and 2

Follow the old dirt road deep into the woods. Where the tip-tops of the trees reach in to touch one another, and the hills are green with moss, you’ll have reached the fairy forest. Blink and you’ll miss it. But even if you don’t see it, you’ll feel it. It’s old and calm and warm with deep blue shadows and streaks of yellow sunlight. And it’s where all sorts of different fairies live and work and play. 

The Fairy Forest is a middle-grade fantasy series following the adventures of a diverse group of fairies as they explore their own potential, learn about themselves and each other, and unravel an ancient mystery that threatens the Fairy Forest and all of its inhabitants. The first two volumes follow Annette, a Tooth Fairy cadet whose talents don’t quite fit the mold, and Giz, a Fixer Fairy whose ambitious projects often go in directions she never intended. 

The Fairy Forest - cover
NaNo2019 Total Progress
Complete! 52 752 words!
Volume 1: Annette and the Broken Shroud
Draft 1 complete! 40 866 words
Volume 2: Giz and the Impossible Machine

Vol. 1: Annette and the Broken Shroud

Annette is a Tooth Fairy Cadet, and she’s acing everything – except for one very important skill. Unlike her classmates, she can’t master the fairy shroud, a basic bit of magic that allows fairies to turn invisible when they need to. Annette’s teacher and friends pitch in to help, but to no avail. With time running out before Fairy Academy Finals, Annette has to figure out how to shroud, or her final exam may mean more than just flunking out – it could mean revealing fairy-kind to the human world.

Vol. 2: Giz and the Impossible Machine

Apprentice Fixer Fairy Giz has always earned praise and trouble, in equal measure, from her various projects. Her latest one – to recreate one of the most ancient and important fairy artifact – is no exception. But when the original Impossible Machine is damaged beyond repair, Giz becomes more than a curiosity – she becomes a suspect! Giz must use her drive and talent to complete her project and clear her name, and it’ll take all of her skills – and the help of some good friends – to do it.

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