Hello world! (Again)

Love Make Share has a new home and is slowly acquiring a new look. I want to thank Amy and Gregory of Alternative Hosting for providing us with our new home. Soon, we’ll have a fresh new coat of paint on the site and we’ll be back to business as usual.

On the home front, I’ve left my position at my school and will be starting a new job on Monday. It should afford me more time, energy, and capital to invest in not only doing but documenting all the projects that the kids and I are doing.

Other than that, I’m in the final stages of upgrading my main computer, my production machine here at home. Once that’s set up properly, I’m going on a post-production tear — there are so many videos in the bank that need to be edited!

In the meantime, while I focus more on back-end rather than pushing content, you can (and should!) follow our antics on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We’re lovemakeshare everywhere!

Until next time, folks, paddle your own canoe.


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