A crime was committed? To the holodeck!

There’s a small problem that crime scene investigators have when it comes to sharing their findings. In spite of fancy tools that allow them to map environments in 3D to determine things like bullet trajectories, investigators, prosecutors, and lawyers often have to resort to 2D printouts to get that information to juries.

Instead of trying to communicate complex spatial relationships on paper, juries are going to start to be able to step right into crime scenes, using 3D visualizations and the Oculus Rift.

Check out the result below:

I’m going to throw this video into my HMD case later on so that I can get a sense of how immersive it actually is. It makes me wonder though how much bettear this concept would work if the scene had more detail–if the scene was captured using a photogrammetry process, or some other photographic process, rather than being rendered so crudely.

Read more at io9.

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