Avengers 2’s Ultron is a fresh take on movie ‘bots

Ulton. via moviepilot.com

It’s kind of amazing how little we’ve actually seen of Avengers 2, the follow-up to Joss Whedon’s incredibly successful 2012 superhero mashup flick. You’d think that we would have had more leaks on a production that big.

Still, it’s worth the wait. The movie’s villain, Ultron, has finally been revealed, and he looks awesome. He is the anti-Transformer; instead of going the route that director Michael Bay and ILM went with their staggeringly complex robots, some of which bled into Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim, Ultron is a slick, modern throwback to science fiction serial villains of old.

One thing that always confuses me a bit, though — in every Marvel movie, reflective surfaces on costumes don’t photograph well. Thor’s armour, for example, looked awful in stills but pretty great in motion. What is this anomaly? What kind of finish do they use to achieve the metallic look on these costumes, and how come they always look better on film?

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Breaking: First Look at Ultron in Avengers 2! | moviepilot.com.

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