#NJGWedding Rememberances

Remember that Sunday recently when I suggested that you should be reading nothing but the #NJGWedding hashtag on Twitter. That wedding was between Claire and Jared, two of the most amazing people you’ll ever meet. And their wedding, a blowout Jewish affair in Montreal, was amazing.

There was an incredibly talented photographer documenting the entire affair, but I thought I’d put my own twist on it. I had my Moleskine with me all night, and it’s taken a little while to get around to sharing my recollections of the wedding with the happy couple. (Part of that is that I got a schmancy new Moleskine and totally misplaced my other one a few times.) I tried to catch moments as they happened, stuff that really stood out to me. And so I share those moments.

Starting with the ride down.

Natalie Joy and I on the drive down.
Natalie Joy and I on the drive down.

I was bumping around in the car a bit, so apologies if it’s hard to read.

The Emergency Burger was a recurring joke for NJ and I for most of the night, mostly because of how LUDICROUS the idea of not having a ton of food at Claire’s wedding is simply bananas. Claire is a writer for foodiePrints, a must-read food blog out of Ottawa. The thing is, Natalie Joy has a tenuous relationship with fish, and since it was a kosher wedding, there was not going to be a scrap of meat in sight. Butter cream icing on the cake? Milk and cream in coffee? Other dessert shenanigans? A super-secret midnight snack? All require there to be dairy. So, no meat.

That Strut - NJGWedding

As Jared was walking down the isle, we saw something we’ve never seen before. He’s a humble guy, our Jared. And he had a SWAGGER like nothing we’d ever seen. He was impossibly proud, and beamed throughout the entire ceremony. Claire was absolutely radiant and looked so natural done up in her wedding finery that it seemed like she has always worn a dress like that.


The first dance was probably the single greatest expression of love I’ve ever seen. Somehow, in a crowd of 170+, they were the only people in the room.


The hora: glee flung around on chairs. It’s the grown-up version of spinning with your crush on the playground swings.


In order to not make everyone else who’s ever been married not feel CRIPPLINGLY INADEQUATE I have resisted the temptation to transcribe their speeches. Suffice to say, we were all reminded just how different Claire and Jared are but how perfectly complimentary they are to one another.

Oh, hey, remember the super-secret midnight snack?

POUTINE BAR. Which, for most of us, was a slurpy messy affair.


What next?

Oh yeah. After more poutine (and more poutine, and an open bar with gin so good I’d bathe in it) there was more dancing!


I couldn’t with a straight face call Claire straight-laced, but MAN. Not a single drink up to that point in the evening and she was tearing up the dance floor!

This is just a theory — just a theory, mind — but I think she might have been happy.


In fact, they both seemed like they were having a good day.

The kind of celebration they had — the kind of celebration they shared with their friends — is the kind of celebration of love and partnership that everyone should aspire to.

Congratulations again, Claire and Jared. The #NJGWedding hashtag is still going strong, and we’re all still coming down from the party. You’re super people and I can’t wait to see what comes next.


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