Sunny Monday

I have afternoons off this week, as my program is between sessions. After the winter we’ve had, I’ve been looking forward to spending some time getting ahead on prepping classes and spring cleaning.

Imagine my delight, though, when I stepped outside and was greeted with this weather.

Nine degrees is like 48 Fahrenheit. Balmy, compared to what it's been recently.

More than that, CBC mentioned that the UV index for today was 6. That’s pretty high. I don’t know much about what that measurement actually means but I do know that vitamin D comes from your skin processing UV and I wanted some of that sunshine vitamin today.

I threw the new Rationally Speaking podcast on my phone, packed up the dog, and headed out for a walk. I expected it to be fairly quiet, but I wasn’t the only one enjoying the sunshine. Plenty of neighbours were out and about and gushing to talk about how nice it was outside and eager to meet the puppy.

I couldn’t be done after the walk, though. It was just too nice. And it turns out that the pup is something of a soccer fan, as well as just l loving to play chase, so we had a good play.


Diane frequently reminds us to not give up what we want most for what we want right now. Sound advice. But I can have a coffee later and get my prep done after the kids are asleep. I couldn’t have possibly had the one-on-one playtime with Leo that I had if I’d stuck to my guns and worked the afternoon away at my computer. I wouldn’t feel fresh and energised. And I wouldn’t have this overfull feeling of goodwill, this feeling that has me writing a blog post whose sole purpose is to share how awesome I feel.

Well, maybe there’s another purpose. It’s easy to forget, as we get older and busier, the sheer joy of play. We might still have structured play, in video or board games. It might be more intellectual play. We might value it more. But totally free play with warm sunshine and a fresh breeze does the body good.

Get outside. And play!

Paddle your own canoe folks.


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2 Thoughts to “Sunny Monday”

  1. Brenda Joy

    Yay! So glad you and Leo had some playful time together. Clears the cobwebs.

    1. It really did. Same as playtime for the girls. ^_^

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