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Good morning folks! The plan for this morning was to sleep in, but there was one three-year-old and one five-year-old who had other plans entirely. Thus, instead of sleeping in there was laundry and cleaning and blogging and very soon a workout. Let’s round up the week together.

Microsoft Surface Pro Review – David Pierce, The Verge

Image Credit: The Verge

Oh man oh man oh man. I’m psyched about the Surface. You’ll remember how much I love Windows Phone and how I was pretty thrilled to experiment with Windows 8 on my old laptop. The Surface Pro is a really interesting product for a lot of reasons, and it’s pretty heartening to see that in spite of a number of people questioning the basic philosophy, it is in fact a solid device.

On another note, I really want one and I’d love to review it based on my specific use cases as a teacher and an amateur artist. So, like… hook me up. Read More

These Freaky Flexible Structures Are Easily The Weirdest Thing You’ll See Today – Robert T. Gonzales, io9


The description of the process here is really cool. Go over to the article at io9 and Read More

European Space Agency Experiments With 3D Printing a Lunar Base – Wes Fenlon, Tested

Image Credit:

The problem with building stuff in space has always been the cost associated with getting the materials up there. The novel approach that the ESA is taking is that they’re not going to bother.

Using the lunar sand–regolith is the particular term most used–as a base, a 3D printer will deposit layer after layer of the stuff bonded with adhesive to robotically build a structure. It’s a great read and is super exciting. Using the Moon as a test bed could lead to a whole new strategy for long-term Martian exploration. And I thought that the Chernobyl robots building the new Sarcophagus were cool. Read More¬†

Star Wars: Dark Resurrection – Angelo Licata

Given that I’m thinking about Star Wars at the moment, I think this is an appropriate share. For seven thousand euro, a group of Italian filmmakers made this utterly rad Star Wars fan film. I seriously dig it. And it’s even “reading,” too! It’s all in Italian, but it’s got English subtitles. It makes the experience way more interesting, IMO. I’ve embedded the video, but you can learn more about the project if you Read More


Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy your Sunday, and as always, if you have any suggestions for Sunday reading hit us on twitter or email us at!

Paddle your own canoe, folks.


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