spillway(radio) podcasts all share one thing in common: they’re full of enthusiastic people talking about things they genuinely love.

Canada’s Least-Watched Political Panel


Canada’s Least-Watched Political Panel is Gregory Mills and Will Murray, a pair of savvy and unabashed politicos from the nation’s capital. Join them every couple of weeks to comb over the latest in what’s happening at Parliament Hill.

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Diane embarks on a voyage of self-discovery and self-realization, and in the process begins to examine what it means to be a nerd. What is nerd culture?  Can it be separated from the concept of “mainstream” culture? Can Nerd Culture redefine gender roles? Can Nerd Culture redefine any preconceived notion? Diane will ask these questions and many more in the DiHard podcast.

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Talking Theatre


Theatre critics Andrew Snowdon (Apartment 613) and Alan Mackey (Production Ottawa) invite you to be a fly on the wall in some of Ottawa’s most interesting conversations. Featuring interviews with directors, writers, stage managers, and all sorts of other creative professionals, Andrew and Alan invite you partake and to take part. After all, this is just the start of the conversation.

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Located in the heart of the Sandy Hill student neighbourhood on the righteous Templeton street, we are the podcast where the points don’t matter and neither does anything we talk about. We aim, however, to talk about the latest happenings we find online and in the news and attempt to relate it to what’s happening in Ottawa and our lives, and to tell off the haters. Be it music, upcoming events, gaming and any other random thoughts we stumble across in our heads, we’ll share it in our infamous temple way. Contains coarse language.

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Behind the Fringe

Hosted by Natalie Joy Quesnel, this is the official podcast of the Ottawa Fringe Festival, sponsored by CBC Radio One and produced guerrilla-style by spillway(radio). Behind the Fringe takes you inside the capital’s largest theatre festival, talking to artists and staff about topics ranging from producing to touring to on-stage nudity. Whatever you want to learn about the indie theatre scene, it’s here. The first smart, sassy, and silly season of Behind the Fringe runs 17 episodes and concludes the week of June 29, 2012. Occasionally contains coarse language.

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Throw it Against the Wall

Throw it Against the Wall is a whole-life show. Current events, food, and your favourite gadgets and tech–it’s all here, from two of the hottest nerds on the internet. Plus, insight into the artistic process, much shenanigans, and banter. So much banter. Hosted by Trevor and Natalie Joy. Contains coarse language.

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