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Do you do art? Blog? Review stuff? Produce audio or video? Do you not do any of that stuff, but would really like to? is always looking for creative folks to join us and spread some positivity. Send Trevor a message at and get onboard.


the family

Creative individuals doing creative things is what’s going to make a destination. It’s starting small, but like all growing families, the more the merrier. Get to know our enthusiasts.

Trevor LaForce

Teacher, writer, blogger, podcaster, and general all-round hobbyist, Trevor started the spillway(brain) blog whose tone and content inspired Trevor cohosts Throw it Against the Wall and geekpestoradio, produces Behind the Fringe, and once upon a time cohosted Bent: the Podcast.

Diane Martin

Host of DiHard, philosopher of life, Renaissance woman, Whovian, & contributor for

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