Be More Awesome Episode One: The Be More Awesome Manifesto

Be More Awesome with Jes Lacasse
Be More Awesome is the newest personal development podcast to join the spillway(radio) network, & is the very first podcast from Ottawa & San Diego-based life coach, motivational speaker & writer Jes Lacasse. Recorded from inside her blanket fort, Jes discusses why you should write your very own manifesto, announces the manifesto for this very podcast, & shares the Holstee Manifesto. You can connect with Jes through her website, on Twitter, or on Facebook.

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Producer’s note: You guys! I am so psyched to have Jes’ show on the network. She, like Greg and Will, is someone I’ve wanted to hear a podcast from for a long time. Her rad attitude is totally infectious and I hope that you all catch what she’s spreading. Please do subscribe using your podcatcher of choice, and once her iTunes page publishes, please drop her a review. Much obliged! -Trevor


Be More Awesome with Jes Lacasse

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