CLWPP Episode 3: Sex, Drugs, and Dean del Mastro

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Will and Greg talk about a pontential ban on online pornography, Anthony Weiner,the LCBO, the Trudeau Liberals old/new position on marijuana, and an important study on political participation.


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5 comments to “CLWPP Episode 3: Sex, Drugs, and Dean del Mastro”
  1. Will, I’m wondering if your lack of caring about the marijuana issue is somehow rooted in privilege. It’s a significant issue for low-income youth, aboriginal and other minority youth, who are way more heavily represented in prison populations for possession than white males. The media coverage of the Liberal policy position is super dumb, but the flip side is that while it’s a stupid issue politically, it’s a vitally important one socially.

  2. I think my indifference is probably rooted in not having (and never having) any interest in marijuana. You’re absolutely right about the social aspects, and when I put my policy hat on I’m totally in favour of legalization, but if it doesn’t happen I’m unlikely to be storming the Hill to protest it.

    • I get that. I think that my experience with some of my higher-risk students, having siblings or occasionally parents in jail on possession charges, makes me a bit more sensitive to it. I tend to think that people who want it legalised so it’s easier to smoke it in polite society are missing the mark. But somehow libertarians are OK. I am nothing if not full of inconsistency.

  3. I would argue that those who don’t contact the elected official simply avoid doing so because there is no point to trying. The MP’s party filters questions or concerns on policy down to bureaucrats, or, if you’re lucky a backbench MP might reply to their own correspondence but isn’t able to action their constituent’s concerns because the party doesn’t care.

    Unless you, as a particular constituent, have some value to the party you’re trying to contact, you will be ignored. I don’t necessarily mean monetary value either. Your problem may be politically useful and you’ll get the response you want. However, if I contacted my MP with a concern over any of the topics you’ve discussed in the podcast, my response would be a form letter written by a bureaucrat. It just boils down to a pointless endeavour.

    Just my two cents…

    • I agree with this. If someone has a conservative MP, what’s the point of trying to get them to legalize marijuana, they’ll just ignore you, especially if the riding is safe-conservative.

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