Episode 69: Now Hear Me Out

chris hardwick


Show Notes:

Opening music: Ben Folds Five “Do it anyway” (Because I needed to remember this when releasing this….) Closing music: Martha Jones Theme on piano by Murray Gold (Because….#feeelings)
Also sampled: Ben Folds Five “Philosophy”

I apologize for the highly self indulgent episode.  I equally apologize for the horrible execution of this adequately written piece. Well, you have to start somewhere.  Next week I will be back to my unapologetically enthusiastic self.   Thank you for allowing me to experiment.  This podcast has hit a whole new low.

Remember: Do not give up what you want most for what you want right now!

hardwick june 24 201

This song is my favorite Geoff Smith song.  It is dedicated to one of my favorite human beings on the planet!


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