Episode 55: 90 Days

* Travel time: From NH to DC and back again (Woot Nerdist Friends!!)
* The Hobbit
* Louis CK
* Question/Comment/Quemment: Question: If you could spend 1 night with anyone, who would it be? Why? Would your answer change if you had to spend 90 days in jail?
Nerdist Spotlight

  • http://society6.com/Dihard
  • http://society6.com/indefiniteobjects
  • https://twitter.com/mutablemind
  • @ThinkingMyMind https://twitter.com/ThinkingMyMind

Indiegogo: Hello Harto!

Introducing my new e-spouse! Well she has many e-marriages so you can become her e-spouse too! Support her indiegogo project to bring My Drunk Kitchen to the US and Europe!  http://igg.me/p/296099/x/703893

Opening music is Open Up Wide performed by the 2008 URI Marching Band.  Closing theme is Louie Louie performed by the 2011 URI Marching Band.


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