Episode 54: The Room Sometimes Gets Dusty

Congratulations to Nerdist for 301 awesome episodes. Nerdist Industries is a huge influence on me. The Nerdist Way has been a real inspiration for everything I have done in 2012. I am still working on helping them out in anyway I can. I’m still working towards getting a job there.

I am eternally grateful to Trevor for giving me a real honest to goodness avatar/icon! I feel like a legit podcast!

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  • My Twitter Awards:
  •       Meaningless Awards 2012 best new pods @MissionLogPod @MadManBoxPod @FEaB_Podcast @JonahRaydio you win my continued support! #DiHardPod
  •       Meaningless awards 2012: fav twitter @DoctorQuemmento @WGladstone @Pixelation @MattMira Thx for the consistent Lols! You win my admiration!
  •       Meaningless Awards 2012: best fan friendly feeds @nerdist @twhiddleston @WilliamShatner You win my respect and non creepy hugs! 🙂
  •       Meaningless awards 2012 Best Indi Films @birbigs and @JoshRadnor I can’t say enough good about these films! Go buy ’em! Please?
  • Goals for 2013
  • From the Web! Favorite moments from TV. A random tweet from @nerdist.
  • My favorite picture of the year:

Barack and Michelle Obama hug photo

A very special guest.  Yes this is my first guest and my first interview and it sucks hard core. Enjoy!

Yes he’s taken ladies! (But I’m open to offers. Highest or best wins!!!)

Happy New Year.  Thank you for your support and input!  Remember, do not give up what you want most for what you want right now! I really do love the small community that is developing around this. I look forward to 2013!

Here is Larry Miller’s Christmas Story:

Opening theme is the song Open up Wide performed by the 2008 URI Marching Band.  The closing theme is a message from Larry Miller (who is back really soon!!) followed by the song Do It Anyway by Ben Folds Five.


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