Pimp My Ride

Remember back in the day when I was really stoked about this lightjet for Morphology?

Light jet

Click to embiggen.

Well, I haven’t worked on it in a long while. There’s a reason for that. The plan doesn’t work. I don’t have enough faith that I can actually properly shoot footage of myself against greenscreen well enough to make it look like I’m legitimately on the jet. And since this shot is going to be part of the opening of the flick, I really need to make that shot work. I need a light jet that has a sort of canopy on it so that I don’t end up having to try to track myself onto the open-canopy jet.

So here’s what’s happening right now.¬†Going back to the mashup philosophy that I had originally, I’ve kitbashed the lightjet with not only the Spitfire, but also Kevin Flynn’s lightcycle from Legacy and the CF-100. So I took a bunch of the pieces that I was after from these things:

…and bashed them together.

Niko’s Lightjet version 2. Click to embiggen.

I’m still not quite happy with this. And there are elements missing. Texture, obviously. And detailing.

And… the front. Oh, god, the front. It’s the curse of this thing. I haven’t been able to get it right yet and it’s frustrating. I think what I’m going to have to do is really borrow liberally from the lightcycle. There is precedent:

Created from a modified Light Cycle, these aircraft soon became the backbone of Clu’s shock-and-awe fleet. The Light Jet is a cannon-mounted aircraft used for pacification and elimination. Like the Light Cycle, these single-manned jets emit a wall of light in their wake as they fly across the Grid. The depth, power and skill of the individual pilot increases the range and effectiveness of these jets. Clu hasn’t used the light jets extensively: they required too much power to create and maintain, and trained pilots could be better used as sentries or Black Guards.

This is from the Tron: Legacy website via the Tron wiki.

If I curve the front end down more, and extend the canopy window further towards the nose of the aircraft, I think that I can turn the front end into a shape that more closely emulates Flynn’s lightcycle. And then I can get rid of that ugly nose.

Sounds like a plastic surgery ad…

Paddle your own canoe, guys and gals.


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